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Halo 3 pre-order at 7-Eleven


Get a Slurpee and pick up your copy of Halo 3 at the same time? One reader sent us this shot from his local 7-Eleven where you can apparently "reserve your copy today" for the return of Master Chief this September. We don't know if this is a national offer, but if there is some way to avoid the GameStop madness and possibility of the title being sold out at logical retail locations, we'll take the three-day-old hot dog and Halo 3 to go from the corner store for sure.

One of our own writers here at Joystiq remembers seeing PS2s for sale at his local 7-Eleven when they first came out. We're still trying to find out if this a national thing, but if you see this sign at your local 7-Eleven leave a comment below. Despite how convenient it would be to pick up Halo 3 from our local convenience super-chain, there's still that nagging awkward feeling of pre-ordering your video games from the same place you pick up emergency condoms and munchie satiating chips at 3AM.

Update: It does appear to be a national 7-Eleven promotion. Replaced old pic found after the break with very official looking pic from Sunnyvale, CA. The reservation price seems to be in question, some people don't have to put any money down for a reserve and others are being charged. Most tragically, the game will apparently not be coming with a free Slurpee.

[Thanks Pat, Brian and everyone else who contributed]

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