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World of Warcraft players + BlizzCon = costumes

Kevin Kelly

[UPDATE - now with video, after the break]

BlizzCon brings out the strangest, coolest, and most insanely detailed costumes this side of Outland, and we were front and center at last night's costume contest, hosted by comedian Jay Mohr. He appeared to have taken notes from Jamie Kennedy's appearance at E3, and was actually funny instead of stupid.

Check out the gallery down below for the highlights, and be sure to take a look at the winning Warlock costume. The girl who designed it was patient enough to pose for a billion photos afterwards with her heavy (and lighted!) helmet, and as far as we know she wore it all night. We even saw her waiting in line for the bus with those wings still on. Most entries were from WoW, but there were a couple of nods to other Blizzard games, including a Terran Ghost from Starcraft.

Gallery: BlizzCon Costumes | 45 Photos

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