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Breakfast Topic: Finding bloggers at BlizzCon [Updated]

Amanda Rivera

Yessir, we've been quite difficult to find as we wander the floor at BlizzCon, but one lucky reader was able to manage it. Heather Nielsen caught Elizabeth Harper Friday as she stood in the lobby of the convention center. Heather, who plays Ricol the pally on the Cenarius realm, received a copy of the Warcraft Archive for her leet hunting skills. For the rest of you intrepid readers, take heart. Mike Schramm and I are still out there toting our phat lootz for those that are clever enough to track us down. Find the bloggers and receive some very cool prizes!

Update: Both Mike Schramm and I were able to give out our prizes during the Saturday session of BlizzCon. Thanks to all you intrepid readers who came to hang out with us. We saw your smiling faces all over the con, and it made our time there even more enjoyable. On to next year!

Update 2: In the photo is the Find a Blogger winner #2, Erin Martell who plays Trystania the gnome mage (yay mages!) on Eitrigg. She's been reading WoW Insider for nigh-on forever (read 2005) and I was so excited to get to meet her in person. Erin got a copy of "Hacking World of Warcraft, and I am honestly jealous of her because I wish I could have kept the book for myself."

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