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New expansion, new map

Eliah Hecht

In Wrath of the Lich King, we'll get a new continent, new talents, a new class, a new profession, and probably lots of things we don't even know about yet. However, it looks like some of the old is also changing. Inspired by a post over at Casual WoW, the above image shows the WotLK map with outlines from the current live map superimposed in blue. So what's changed?
  • Kalimdor changed in shape significantly. No longer looking quite so much like a penguin, it now has a more crescent-shaped profile.
  • Two new islands off the southwest coast of the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • New bit of land north of Westfall, west of Stormwind on the west coast of EK.
  • Islands Northwest of Tirisfal removed, and two small ones added north of Scarlet Monestary [thanks, Captain Tonga]
Why do you think these changes were made? Theorize away. It looks like mostly unreachable areas that were removed, but I can't imagine what they're going to do with that new chunk of land near Stormwind. Of course, this is just artwork, and may not correspond that closely to actual in-game geography, but I bet something is going on there.

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