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Shaman improvements from Blizzcon

Eliah Hecht

A few interesting tidbits have dropped on how the Shaman class is going to be changed. Enhancement improvements have been promised for a long time, and it looks like some of them are (hopefully) imminent.

  • Shamanistic Rage will reduce damage taken by 30% when it's on, as well as its previous mana-regenerating effect.
  • New talent: Shamanistic Focus. Seems to occupy the place of the previous Two-Handed Axes and Maces talent. (Does this mean 2h will be baseline now?!) Reads as follows: Rank 1/1: After landing a melee critical strike, you enter a Focused state. The focused state reduces the mana cost of your next shock spell by 60%.
  • Mental Quickness increases spell damage and healing [thanks, csulok] by 30% of your AP (for 3/3 talent points) as well as its previous instant-cast cost reduction effect.
I'm no shaman, but baseline 2h weapons would be cool, right? What do you guys think of this news? I have no idea if/when these changes are going to get implemented, but they were seen at Blizzcon. Patch 2.3, maybe?

[via World of Raids]

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