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Chinese anti-corruption game a local hit


Incorruptible Fighter is an online game in China which has players taking on corrupt party officials GTA style. According to Times Online the game was created by civil servants who wanted to make a "lighthearted counterpoint to constant accusations of endemic corruption" in the government. The game was meant to only host 500 people, it currently has approx. 100,000 taking out corrupt Communist Party officials and their mistresses through "weapons, magic and torture."

We can't help but laugh how someone didn't think a game about killing corrupt politicians wouldn't catch on? Although, in China, corruption is taken a bit more seriously, last month the former head of China's food and drug safety oversight was executed for taking a quarter million pounds in bribes to approve drugs that killed dozens of people. Hmm, that sounds like a typical day in D.C. -- minus the justice part ... when do we get our version of this game? Incorruptible Fighter has been criticized for looking stale and that there is no reason for the children of the corrupt officials to be targets. One professor from Peking University says that government officials should be getting anti-corruption lessons, "not local youngsters." Yeah, but local youngsters grow up.

[Via GamePolitics]

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