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VMware Fusion officially available today


There are two kinds of virtualization products for the Mac: first, the kind that develop fast, release quick, and damn the torpedoes; second, the kind that bake in the goodness and hold off on a release until everything meets the exacting standards of an enterprise software vendor. Today we get to see the final result of the second approach, as VMware Fusion is officially shipping after an extensive beta release. (Still love ya, Parallels, don't ever change.)

Fusion is available for $60 (after a $20 rebate) and offers all the XP-running, virtual-appliance-library downloading, window integrating, 3D emulating features you'd expect. I'm planning to do a little bake-off between the agile rookie and the wily veteran, now that everyone's on a fully released & supported plateau, to see which of the two meets my needs best.

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