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Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of August 6th

Jem Alexander

Here we go again. The next three issues of "Worldwide PS3 releases" are going to be depressingly bare, so you can probably stop reading right now. Wait until the end of the month, then we'll have far more releases happening on a weekly basis. Possibly even, more than one. Fingers crossed.

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No comment.

Okay, so the confusion about Splinter Cell comes from the fact that some places like are listing it in 'preorder' status right now, with a ship date of tomorrow. We have no idea why it would be like this, considering it was released worldwide on March 30th of this year. Ubisoft may have cut off shipments and be rereleasing it due to some unknown bug in the original version. If we can get an answer out of Ubisoft on this weirdness, we'll let you know.

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