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A Team MC-213NF PMP sadly not affiliated with Mr. T, might run Linux

Nilay Patel

Although Taiwan's A Team Computer doesn't actually have anything to do with the TV show, the company's MC-213NF PMP has a lot in common with Murdock, BA, and the rest of the gang: it's tough, versatile, and shamelessly derivative. The flash-based unit comes in capacities from one to eight gigs and features a 2-inch screen, FM radio, 25-at-time picture viewing mode with slideshow capability, decent video codec support including MP4 and XviD, voice recorder, NES and Game Boy Color emulation, PlaysForSure compatibility, an "iPod-like" user interface, and, most interestingly, a Linux SDK for "fast UI / feature customization." No word on pricing or availability, but the unit appears to be an ODM design -- check out the "logo" branding in the press photo -- so hopefully we'll see this thing pop up outside of Asia.

[Via PMP Today]

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