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Ample details on slimmer PSP

Ross Miller

MTV News' Stephen Totilo managed to snag a plethora of details on the PSP 2000 (that's what they're calling it internally) from SCEA's head of marketing for the PSP division John Koller.

All future PSP titles from Sony will utilize the upgraded 333MHz clockspeed, reportedly without a hit on battery life, said Koller. A second thumbstick was considered, as was (briefly) a built-in hard drive instead of Memory Stick. Both ideas were ultimately turned down.

The upcoming PSP title Echochrome was originally going to be downloadable via the PSN, but Koller said they went with UMD because it was a "very rich game." Original, downloadable PSP titles should be coming in the next six to eight months, he said.

The camera may get some specification changes before its North American release. The GPS attachment is expected to hit US shores in the next 10 to 12 months. As for the TV tuner, there are no plans for release it outside of Japan.

Check out Totilo's article for more information, including Koller's assertion that Sony had nothing to do with famed hacker Dark_Alex's retirement.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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