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Confirmed: Xbox 360 gets price cut this Wednesday

Dustin Burg

All the fanboy speculation about leaked ads and rumors of an Xbox 360 price cut can finally be put to rest, because Microsoft has officially come clean. Today, Microsoft announced that this Wednesday (August 8th) all Xbox 360 console versions will be getting a little cheaper in the United States. Tomorrow, the Core system will retail for $279 (a $20 price cut), the Premium will retail for $349 (a $50 price cut), and the Elite system will be available for $449 (a $30 price cut). Again, the new prices will go into effect this Wednesday and are only planned for the US, but we expect price cuts to spread worldwide soonish. And we know there are a few fanboys out there who've been waiting (nearly two years) for this to happen, so go fanboys go and get your cheaper Xbox 360 this Wednesday. You have our blessing.

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