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Folklore producer admits his favorite battle, US/UK demo plans

Nick Doerr

In a recent interview with PSU, Folklore producer Eric Fong talked not only about some interesting details regarding the game, but also gave his own personal take on design choices as well as his favorite moments. It's an interesting read, so we'll summarize the best points below for fun.
  • The two characters, Ellen and Keats, view the same events from different perspectives, but eventually end up working together towards the same resolution. We're sort of sad to hear this -- we wanted branching storylines, but so long as it wraps up well, we won't complain.
  • Fong's favorite battle is against the Fleshrum. We've no idea what that means, but now when we play the game and get to that boss battle, we'll squeal in delight knowing it's going to be a lot of fun.
  • When asked about the use of Blu-ray, Fong declared proudly: "Blu-ray allows us to provide a high-def audio and video experience without cutting corners or inconveniencing users with disc swaps."
In addition to those funky points, Fong tells us that there is a US and UK version of the demo planned to hit the PS Store, but he didn't say whether it would be before or after the October 9th release of the game. Either way, Folklore is one of the PS Fanboy's most anticipated games, so we're ready to grab us some souls.
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