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iFuntastic 2.5 for iPhone brings full file browser, even more customizability

David Chartier

The iPhone Alley crew are on fire with iFuntastic, their iPhone hacking and modification tool. Just over a week ago they released v2 that brought custom ringtones and reordering apps, and now v2.5 ushers in another major milestone of iPhone hackery: a full file browser and manager. If you've been waiting to dig into your iPhone, edit images and logos or get to even more serious tinkering, this is likely the tool you've been waiting for.

Other new features in this version include replacing any system sounds and coloring iChat SMS balloons. Unfortunately, iFuntastic 2.5 doesn't support PowerPC Macs just yet, but iPhone Alley has promised that the next version - which is set to arrive "any day now" - will.

More details on the changes in this new version and a download link are over at iPhone Alley.

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