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New air safety rules require console inspection

Kyle Orland

Man, going through the airport security process is such a hassle these days. Remove all the metal from your pockets ... take off your shoes ... present your game consoles for inspection. Wait, what was that last one?

Yes, as of Saturday new TSA rules require travelers carrying "full-size electronics," including game consoles, to remove them from carry-on bags for a separate X-ray screening. Portable game systems and other small electronics can stay inside your luggage.

TSA spokesperson Jennifer Peppin told The Seattle Times that consoles were being given the same treatment as laptops and video cameras because "these types of devices can resemble components that could be used in explosives." What, and smaller electronics can't? Peppin also told ShackNews that the consoles would not be subject to explosive swab testing or other security measures besides the separate X-ray screening. So don't worry about the residue from that firecracker tying up your flight plans, we suppose.

[Via Gamespot]

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