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New .Mac galleries leverage open source frameworks

Scott McNulty

The .Mac galleries got a lot of time today in Steve's presentation, and for good reason. Though I won't be dropping Flickr any time soon, the .Mac galleries are very cool looking and have some very nice features (the 'photo skimming' is a nice touch). It would seem that Apple leveraged some Open Source goodness in order to get these galleries up and running. According to the SproutIt blog Apple is using the SproutCore application framework, and has contributed back a number of enhancements to the project.

A quick peek at the code of a gallery confirms that Apple is using SproutCore (just search for sproutcore.js) as well as (a set of open source javascript libraries that handle things like animation). If that's isn't Web 2.0 enough for you, I don't know what is.

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