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Ninja Gaiden returns to the series' roots with awesome interstitials


Whether this is intentional or not, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword is bridging the classic NES Ninja Gaiden games with the newer Xbox/PS3 game. Not necessarily in terms of gameplay, as, except for the stylus control, this looks to play a lot like the Xbox game, but rather, in presentation.

The NES Ninja Gaiden got noticed in 1989 in part because of its brilliant anime-style cutscenes. Dragon Sword relies on the same kind of device to tell its story, using startlingly well-drawn comic panels to tell the epic story of whatever the excuse is this time for Ryu Hayabusa to slash at people and monsters with a big sword. It was probably a space-saving decision to use still images to replace full-motion video, and, judging by the results, it was a good one.

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