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Sony's RDR-HXD870 HDD / DVD recorder gets reviewed

Darren Murph

Granted, Sony's RDR-HXD870 will attract the most attention in Freeview-capable territories, but this fairly well-spec'd digital recorder managed to lure the reviewers at TrustedReviews over to give it a whirl. Packing a 160GB HDD, HDMI output, 1080p upscaling capability, a digital TV tuner, Electronic Program Guide, FireWire, and the ability to burn content to just about every standard DVD format known to man (save for DVD-RAM), this stylish machine managed to impress with its Series Recording function, vast amount of connections, "staggering array of recording and editing features," and the "intelligently designed user interface and remote." Potentially more important, onlookers were "blown away" by the image quality when hooked up to a 1080p-capable Hitachi plasma, and while we're always a bit skeptical when there's literally no major quibbles, it sounds like Sony has a real winner on its hands with the reasonably priced HXD870.

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