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Today's multi-directional videos: Everyday Shooter & Mutant Storm Empire

Jared Rea

The multi-directional shooter hasn't enjoyed this much acceptance since we willingly blew hundreds of quarters on Smash TV back in the day. Of course, the shooters of today sport better (see: fair) design and we have Geometry Wars to hold up as the gold standard. Our waggling cohorts over at Wii Fanboy already took a stab at the bizarre trailer for Geometry Wars Galaxies, but there's so much more going on at the moment.

Everyday Shooter is the indie wonder work of Jon Mak and is best described as the love child of Rez and Every Extend Extra: both of which were also musically inspired shooters by the Gooch. Where Everyday Shooter will be gracing the PlayStation Network, Mutant Storm Empire is a sequel to the XBLA launch title. The original was a fantastic, albeit, overlooked shooter and we're dying to get this sequel in our hands with its co-operative play and hugely expanded level design.

Neither of these shooters have a solid release date at the moment and while we expected to be playing Mutant Storm Empire soon, it's suspiciously missing from Microsoft's latest release list.

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