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Wii60 in action: Wiimote Halo 2


Wii60 aficionado OBsIV had a dream, a dream of consoles living and working together under one flag, sharing games and controls without any problems or hitches. Today, friends (actually, yesterday), that dream is a reality. After months of hard work, OBsIV was able to cruise around Lockout in Halo 2, battle rifle in tow ... and it was all powered by his trusty Wii remote and nunchuk combo. For the record, we approve of his taste in both weapons and control schemes. You can see it all for yourself in the video we've helpfully embedded after the break, but if you want to do this yourself, you'll need to head over and read the very detailed explanation. We hope you also happen to have a few chunks of spare time lying around, as welI as a lot of random equipment. This was a project, but after watching the video, we're sure you'll agree that it was well worth it.

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