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HDMI Premium Xbox 360 caught on camera


Update: Shack is reporting that Microsoft has confirmed the inclusion of HDMI in Xbox 360 consoles (sorry, no Core model for now) stating, "Retailers are gradually introducing HDMI-enabled Xbox 360s into the channel to meet demand." Still no word on whether these systems use the new 65nm processors (is the power supply different?) Any retail employees able to survey the outside of one of the new Xbox 360 boxes and share tips on spotting them with the class?

Following renewed grumblings of a quiet initiative to install HDMI ports into all Xbox 360 SKUs, comes a convincing set of images that appears to show an HDMI-equipped Premium unit, manufactured on July 4th. The images allegedly originate from a Shacknews community member who purchased the console today at a Target in Atlanta, Georgia for the newly discounted price. Hey dude, mind crackin' it open and checking for the 65nm chipset?

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