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Some USB keyboards working with Wii


We're not sure how someone decided to randomly plug in a keyboard after yesterday's update and test it, but bless the little buggers at NeoGAF who gave it a shot -- because it works! Before you start turning cartwheels, however, know this: keyboard support seems limited. We tried an older Micro Innovations keyboard we used to use with the PS2 first, and it was a no go -- but a newer Apple USB keyboard worked like a charm for messaging and in the Wii Shop channel (but apparently nowhere else). We can only guess the Wii wanted to match. We must say, however, the cord length required some moving-around of things on our cluttered game stand and typing in an uncomfortable standing position. Still, this update bodes well -- if a future update brings keyboard functionality to the Internet Channel, things could get very interesting indeed.

Forgive us our Xbox 360 games ... we know not what we do!

[Thanks, hvnlysoldr!]

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