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Talking 'aboot' Xbox price drops, Canada gets $100 off, eh?


Canada blessed the United States with The Kids in the Hall, and now Microsoft is returning the favor by giving Canada $100 off their Xbox 360s. Now, that's $100 CDN and not USD before all those near the border go running north for cheap prescription drugs, maple syrup, miniature pet caribous and Xboxen. The new prices are $399 for the Premium, $299 for Core and $499 for Elite. Canada will also receive the Halo 3 Xbox for $449. Oh, in case any Americans are thinking that the Canadians are getting a deal ... they aren't. The $349 Premium in the States would roughly convert to $365 CDN.

Heck, while we're at it, Mexico got a price drop too! You can now get the Premium in Mexico for $5,199 pesos. Which means our brothers and sisters to the south actually pay $479 dollars for what the US gets at $349. That's ridiculous and something Mexican gamers should seek amnesty for.

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