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DirecTV to deliver 70 HD channels by the end of Q3?

Darren Murph

We've heard so many promises from DirecTV that we hardly take them seriously anymore, but according to CEO Chase Carey, the satellite provider will indeed be beaming out "70 HD channels" by the end of Q3. Reportedly, the comments were uttered during the firm's second-quarter conference call, and it was noted that there were deals currently in place for 90 HD networks. Furthermore, Carey stated that it had "20 or 30 channels that would need a couple of months to get an HD feed online, which is why it will grow from 70 to over 100 in those few months." Again, this is far from the first assurance we've had that the elusive "100 HD channels" are actually coming soon, but considering that the DirecTV 10 is successfully in orbit and the DirecTV 11 should be headed there soon, maybe there's some truth to this one.

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