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Snag 20GB HDD for $50, 120GB for $145


Let's face it, 360 accessories are expensive. In the case of hard drives, 360 accessories are ridiculously expensive. As a service to our readers, we bring you the news that you can snag a 20GB 360 HDD for the tempting price of $49.90 from (for now at least). Add $2.59 for shipping and you've got a brand new hard drive for $52.49. Not bad. But wait! there's more. Why grab a measly 20GB HDD when you can get a 120GB HDD for the bargain price of $144.99 ($35 off retail)? Head over to and you can purchase one for $164.99. Just slap on the promo code "Paypal20" and pay with PayPal and you'll get an additional $20 off. After shipping, you'll pay somewhere in the range of $150. Again, not bad.

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[Via TechBargains. Thanks, djphatjive]

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