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Ask WoW Insider: Do you optimize your rep grinds?


It's the end of another week, and you know what that means -- it's time for another edition of Ask WoW Insider, where we post your questions for our readers to answer. This week we have a question from Rylia, who is curious about how many people actually mesh their playstyle around World of Warcraft's reputation system:

WoW is my first MMORPG, and really the first computer game I've played for a decade or more -- I used to play things like King's Quest and Hero's Quest and Police Quest. So for me, the natural way to start when I get to a new zone is to fill up on all the quests, and march off to tick them off. Only later do I start thinking about getting my faction reps up. However, basically every guide to faction rep, for every faction, says that to make the most of your efforts, you need to wait to do your quests until you've ground up to honored with instances or turn-in quests.

Interesting! Of course we all know the best way to gain reputation with most factions (Outland factions in particular, because each of those has an associated dungeon) is to run through the instances first, because instances will stop providing reputation gain at some point, while quests will give reputation no matter what your current reputation is. But do you really play the best way, or do you look head straight for those exclamation points, like Rylia does?

Ask WoW Insider couldn't keep posting without a delicious diet of your questions -- so send 'em in to ask AT wowinsider DOT com! Thanks for reading, and we'll be back next week with another of your questions!

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