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Penguin-branded cases waddle back into stock

Eric Caoili

When we first featured Penguin United's game card collection pouch two months ago, we really believed it to be the best solution for keeping your games in order at an affordable price. Unfortunately, the 24-cart case went out of stock shortly afterwards, swimming just out of reach from interested customers.

Penguin United has brought back the gray case with its adorable logo, boasting improved materials and craftsmanship for both its exterior and vinyl pages inside. The San Francisco company even added optional CAG marks to show Cheap Ass Gamer its appreciation for the site's help with selling the product. You'll find the game card collection pouch listed for $10.99, but that can be cut down to $9.67 with the following 12%-off coupon code: cagexclusive.

[Via CAG]

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