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Sophie's PSP choice: Wi-Fi or power


Originally reported by Beyond3D, apparently the PSP's new found power comes at a price. Turns out the PSP has to disable Wi-Fi to utilize the new CPU speed. Sony confirmed the information saying that the increased CPU speed does disable the PSP's wireless feature. Sony says they are "working closely" with developers to take full advantage of the new functionality where appropriate.

Developers now have to either choose to utilize the full power of the PSP or focus on multiplayer -- but not both, never both. GameDaily BIZ followed up on the Beyond3D story to find out why this either/or concept was put in place. Speculation is that it was to conserve battery power in the unit as the the Wi-Fi turned on affects battery life already, but Sony America is currently contacting Sony Japan to get the official answer.

[Via GameDaily BIZ]

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