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X3F Meetup Recap, next stop Seattle (PAX '07) [update 1]

David Dreger

So the X3F Meetup in Vancouver was a moderate success, in total we had 9 others show up, so it was a cool get together. Nick King showed up, but alas, was unable to give out any exclusive details on Wolfenstein, though he did say that after the NDAs cool down, that I'd be able to get a preview on the Multiplayer aspect over at Threewave Software. To make up for the lack of details, he did give out 6 keys for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta 2. More details on the turn out, and the next X3F Meetup after the break.


We also had a couple EA Quality Assurance testers show up and they talked about getting into that part of the industry, and that they were currently working on a "Arcade Sports title" which will probably be announced in the future. Kendal Husband from Wishbone X Creations talked about Pro Wrestling X, which is coming to PC, and hopefully XBLA shortly thereafter. A few pictures will be added later in a gallery in an update.

The actual food was, as expected, delicious. I had an excessive amount of fries, as there was a fasting period prior to the event to all maximum consumption. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal, and the view of downtown Vancouver was nice, as the weather was only partly cloudy.

As for the next X3F Meetup, I'll be going to PAX '07 at the end of the month, as will Joystiq, so we'll either be piggybacking onto a party of theirs, or hitting up the original Red Robin in Seattle. Swag is still left over from this week's Meetup, and there will probably be a lot more available after PAX to add onto that to give away. Are any of you going to PAX this year, and are down for hanging with 1/3rd of the X3F crew.

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