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Are you ready for DirecTV's new HD channels?

Ben Drawbaugh

It appears that DirecTV is mailing letters to their customers to let them know that just because they have the latest HD dish, multi-switch and HD receiver, it doesn't mean they're ready to receive the new HD channels this fall. The possible missing piece is included with every MPEG4 capable HD receiver, but not usually installed. It is that little box called the BBC, (B-Band Converter) that must be wired in-line between the dish and the STB and is not currently needed, but will be if you want to enjoy all the HD goodness that will start beaming down from DirecTV 10 sometime next month. If you haven't thrown it away yet, go ahead and get it connected, otherwise call 1-800-DirecTV and say B-Band at the prompt to receive another one for free.

Thanks Carl!

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