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Image credit: beta for iPhone: Install, update iPhone apps over Wi-Fi

David Chartier

All sorts of interesting iPhone apps have sprouted up these past few weeks, but unless you're checking out our own Erica Sadun's excellent work with iPhone apps, they can sometimes be hard to find or install. While Apple wants us to keep twiddling our thumbs in anticipation for true apps to come to the iPhone (perhaps they are just waiting for Leopard), a new (of course, a beta) could help simplify things by acting as an iPhone app management hub. can install and update a good handful of iPhone apps (with more to come, I'm sure) over Wi-Fi, and uninstall them as well.

Of course, you'll need to use iFuntastic command line tools like iPHUC or something similar to get onto your phone in the first place, but after that it seems like this is a good solution for endowing your iPhone with new apps until Apple opens things up.

Thanks Abdul

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