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Xbox 360 only 17% shooter games (22% of 'good games')


The Xbox 360 has a reputation for being a shooting man's console. If it runs and guns, it must be Xbox 360. Turns out that's not so true, but it took until now for site to lay it all out. FPS Source gave us the numbers and X3F came along with an easy to understand pie chart. Originally taking what FPS Source believed is the console's current 137 title library, they discovered the FPS genre makes up 11% and the Third Person Shooter genre is 6%, with the most common genres being sports and action/adventure titles.

Over the last couple days since FPS Source wrote the original piece, some people have become quite passionate on the subject. There's been a few updates, a little give and take, and someone even made a new chart, using scores from Metatcritic, showing that 22% of the good games are shooters. There is also criticism because sports games, like Madden, are just the same thing with a different number every year, so they shouldn't count multiple times. The point is that even with the back and forth, shooters are merely a facet of the Xbox 360's identity. With any luck, games like Blue Dragon, Mass Effect and the beautiful Eternal Sonata (try the demo) will help round out those hard shooter edges that the Xbox still gets pegged with.

[Via X3F]

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