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Is the PS3 indestructible?

Nick Doerr

To start with, we'd never recommend doing any of these to your PS3. We wouldn't do it to ours, even if these tests are, in fact, true. With that disclaimer, let's talk about the "108 hour" tests a set of PS3's went through to see how much the system could handle before failing. How much could they handle? Apparently, everything. PS3's were played for 108 hours straight, switching between games and Blu-ray movies. If you want a more detailed list of the test's parameters, they're here. Three scenarios all came with the same result: the PS3 freakin' rocks.
  • In a standard living room, the PS3 was perfectly fine except for a strange noise coming from the disc tray after 12 hours. Nothing surprising there!
  • The PS3 was put in the back of a freezer van for the second test, where the temperature gradually went from 50 degrees to 0 degrees (Fahrenheit). When the temperature reached zero, the PS3 started to become sluggish and eventually, the screen blacked out. However, this was due to a power cord getting a bit too moist -- the PS3 still worked fine.
  • Placing the PS3 in a hot sauna seems like a terrible idea -- where the temperature went from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit over time. After 64 hours, there was a slight burning smell and after 108 hours, the console was extremely hot (no, really?) but the console still worked fine after 108 hours.
Amazing stuff, really. Again, we would never try to play our PS3 for 108 hours straight in our living room, let alone a freezer or hot sauna. Nor would we recommend you doing so! We'll take this test and their results with a grain of salt, but we have to admit -- our PS3's haven't had any trouble despite how long we've played them. So either the PS3 is indestructible, or it has every disease known to man. Anyone on their second PS3?

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