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Second set of Metroid Prime 3 videos rolls onto the scene

Eric Caoili

True to its word, Nintendo updated the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption channel with two new videos. Since they're streaming clips, you won't have to go through the download process again to grab them. Seeing this implemented so seamlessly made us a lot less annoyed with the steps we originally had to take to pluck the preview from the Wii's Shopping Channel.

Like the last two clips, the first video provides a few details pertaining to the story, background info on the malfunctioning Aurora Unit in this case; the other movie, more focused on gameplay, shows Samus Aran in her Spider Ball form, navigating a series of winding rails and tracks. The Aurora Unit's resemblance to a certain previous antagonist has us tingling. Yes, tingling! The next two videos, P.E.D. Suit and Air Assault, hit the preview channel this Thursday.

[Via NeoGAF]

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