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Ubisoft goes Game 3.0 with user-generated game content

Sounds like someone from Ubisoft was taking notes when Phil Harrison laid out his vision for Game 3.0 at this year's Game Developer's Conference. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot (pronounced John Smith) told an enthralled (and eager to create) audience at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival that the French developer has a "top secret" game in development that focuses on user-generated content. Guillemot said they would need to provide the tools for gamers to port their creations across platforms, sending our pie-in-the-sky meter off the charts.

We're already sketching out a game scenario heavy on lolcats, lonely girls, and lazy Sundays that old timers would be completely and comically incapable of understanding. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has done their homework and plans on creating an online mentoring system (ostensibly for all of their games) to reward experienced gamers for assisting noobs (look it up, gramps). In exchange, they'll be rewarded with "points or free games," two things that notably won't pay the rent.

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