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Guitar Hero II on 360 gets My Chemical Romance pack

Justin McElroy

Bust out the eye-liner, paramilitary garb and misplaced anger: A three-pack of My Chemical Romance songs have just hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. If you haven't darkened a Hot Topic door in a few years, the rest of this sentence won't make sense to you, but "Teenagers," "Famous Last Words" and "This is How I Disappear" (all from The Black Parade) are included in the pack.

The price is 500 points ($6.25) for the new songs, which are master tracks from the band. We don't understand why these cost the same as the Guitar Hero I rehashes, but we have to say this is a much better value for some great songs, sure to brighten the day of even the most tortured emo kid.

[Thanks, Dylan]

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