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More mallowy Marsh artwork

Eric Caoili

Even without knowing a single thing about Maya and Marsh, we would've fallen in love with the two companions anyway, just based on the character designs for Eigo wo Taberu Fushigi na Ikimono Marsh (Mysterious English-Eating Animal Marsh). "Love" is a strong word, you might say. Well, so are our feelings for Dimple Entertainment's pet-sim/English-trainer.

We have some new art samples for the game in our gallery which you should really check out. The simple style is like a mix of Kurt Halsey romance and Kogepan charm; it's no wonder we can't resist it. So what if we'll never see this quirky title localized for the US? And who cares if its English isn't perfect? The minute we saw this scene of Marsh flopped next to its friend, Cocoa, our hearts were won over.


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