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Official 1080p transport proposed for component video

Matt Burns

Finally, a group of A/V installers has heard the cries for 1080p via component instead of HDMI. The official spec defining component video transport, CEA-770.3, does not officially allow that cable system to transmit the highest spec of HD: 1080p. Now, most have found out that component can indeed handle the signal and in fact, since most installers have found component is easier to work with than HDMI, there is a group pushing for 1080p support. However, even if this spec is indeed updated to handle 1080p support, there is no doubt that next-gen DVD players and game systems will not allow it due to piracy concerns. Hopefully the MPAA is too busy suing some random 12-year-old and doesn't notice the spec bump as we would love to see 1080p support via component.

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