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T-Mobile offering discounts on Pharos GPS Phone 600 / 600e

Darren Murph

Sure, it's not like the GPS Phone is fresh on the block or anything, but those frightened by the pricetag may be able to inch closer to snagging one thanks to a new deal with T-Mobile. Reportedly, those looking to grab Pharos' GPS Phone 600 or 600e can now purchase one with "up to $200 off" so long as you ink your name to a two-year agreement. Of course, those opting for the 600e won't be blessed with the Ostia navigation software, but you can purchase the handset for as low as $399.99 if you agree to a voice and data package, while the map-equipped 600 will run you $499.99 with the same plan. Shave a little ugly off of it, and we'd be sold.

[Via MobileWhack]

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