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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 11


We're almost at the end! Just ten more reasons left ...

51. 333MHz of power
PSP games going forward will have access to 333MHz of pure processing power. This recent boost in power lifts PSP's capabilities, which were previously restricted to only 222MHz. Games like Syphon Filter and God of War will deliver a new generation of PSP games that will far surpass anything the PSP has yet to offer.

52. S.PORT integration brings replays
The Arsenal Football Club is home to a unique program called S.PORT which brings PSP owners instant replays within the stadium. Most people won't have access to this unique feature, but we're hoping it expands its audience in the future.
53. TiVo integration
TiVo now officially supports PSP natively, allowing you to record TV shows and instantly deliver them to your PSP. Simply use the updated media software and insert your Memory Stick.

54. 1seg support
Japan will get digital TV support for their systems when the official 1seg peripheral launches in the territory. This is already becoming a hotly demanded item -- as it should! It was the number one most requested feature for Japanese PSP owners.ww

55. YouTube support
PSP has a limited amount of YouTube support, depending on whether or not your system supports homebrew. Without it, various online converters make it possible to download YouTube videos and watch them on the PSP. However, with homebrew, PSP owners can watch a wealth of content from their systems directly.

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