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Australian 360 price cut puts Core at Wii's price


Though last week's entirely unexpected slashing of the Xbox 360 price in America hasn't inspired copycat cuts in Europe yet, Microsoft is more than happy to display some price tag violence in the land of Kangaroos, shrimps on the bar-B and countless crocodile wrestlers who roll their eyes whenever Australian stereotypes are perpetuated in the gaming press. Once their eyes return to normal positions, they'll be able to see an immediate Xbox 360 price cut displayed in a nearby store window: $579.95 Australian for the "Pro" model (down from $649) and $399.95 Australian for the Core (down from $429).

As points out, the Core's new price matches that of Nintendo's Wii, making a rather interesting proposition for the gamer intent on spending the least amount of money on a new console. Without resorting to criminal acts, that is.

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