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DirecTV to offer broadband over powerline this year

Evan Blass

Just as the company's CEO hinted at this past spring, DirecTV will indeed begin offering service bundles that include broadband over powerline, with the Maryland-based Current Group opening up access to its Dallas / Fort Worth BPL network starting at the end of the year. This tie-up is the latest move by the satellite company -- following June's deal with Clearwire -- to strengthen its ability to offer high-speed internet, putting it in a better position to compete with the attractive triple- and even quad-play bundles being touted by cable providers and telcos. It also follows DirecTV's failure to secure any of its own spectrum in last years FCC auction, as you'll recall. Current has stated that as its network grows out beyond Texas, the agreement between the two firms allows DirecTV to market to those customers as well.

[Via MarketWatch]

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