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Gamercards making their way to PS3?


Games Digest is reporting a curious sighting they made at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, a menu option entitled "Gamercard." While such an option isn't strange to 360 Fanboys like us, we should probably note that the option was seen during a presentation of Unreal Tournament III ... for the PS3. According to Games Digest, Epic's Mark Rein quickly covered up the option, saying, "Oops, you shouldn't have seen that." As further evidence that Sony may be adopting Microsoft's terminology, a forum goer on Evil Avatar posted the above image, apparently taken from the Home beta.

We don't typically report on the happenings of the PS3 (as our name would suggest), but this is certainly relevant to followers of Microsoft's curvy white box. And no, we're not going to sling any mud Sony's way. Gamercards are a good idea, and one that would benefit PS3 owners. Considering Unreal Tournament III is heading to PS3 this holiday, PS3 fans may be getting a taste of Gamercards very soon.

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[Via Joystiq. Thanks, Godfree]

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