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Microsoft opening up to user content

Ross Miller

Though traditionally a controlling mother when it comes to its infant Xbox Live online service, Microsoft hinted today at easing up its sweaty-palmed handholding. Speaking at Gamefest 2007 (via 1UP), the company discussed the Xbox Live Server Platform (XLSP) that companies can use to deliver content, provided they take full responsibility for monitoring the content.

When suggested that one might use this to create a PC level editor that would make games for an Xbox 360 title, Microsoft Software Design Engineer Zsolt Mathe said, "Even though nobody has done that, I would highly recommend that."

Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein had previously stated that Xbox Live's resistance to user-created maps and mods was responsible in part to the delay of the Unreal Tournament 3 for Xbox 360. Looks like XLSP will be the system that expedites the version release.

The catch is that Microsoft must approve the game maker to use XLSP. We imagine it's kind of like the film Chasing Liberty, where the President of the US gives his over-protected daughter extra freedom to travel Europe with an undercover secret service agent constantly keeping watch. In this adaptation, Microsoft is played by the reliable Stark Sands, Mark Rein is captured brilliantly by the venerable and lovable Mandy Moore and XLSP is portrayed by the hunky Matthew Goode ... what? It was a good film, don't look at us like that!

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