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Red Steel 2 listing probably getting us excited for no reason

Justin McElroy

We know that game retailers often just throw release dates about willy-nilly, like Jackson Pollock at his absolute drunkest. But does that stop us from getting excited when we see some sexy new release date, even though we have a gut feeling it's probably just made up? No, dear reader. Of course it doesn't.

For the perfect example of our weakness, check out the image to the right. It's a list gleaned from GameStop in Europe of upcoming releases for the Wii. We spy WiiFit on there, snugly in February, which sounds about right, but what about a little lower on the list? Why, if it isn't our old friend Red Steel 2. One of the more elusive upcoming releases, the game has fluctuated between being alive and being dead more times than Nikki Sixx. Though Red Steel 2 has been bandied about before, we've never heard anything concrete on it. Now, after seeing this list ... we still haven't. But just the same, its inclusion here piques our interest, no matter what our guts are saying.

[Via WFB]

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