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Red Vs. Blue Halo 3 special episode 3 now online


The third episode in the special Halo 3 series of Red Vs. Blue is now online. Actually, it was online earlier, but we've just now found it on YouTube. As we've said before, we wouldn't want our readers toddling off to find it on the proper website. No, we want you all to stay right here where you belong. This episode focuses on the new equipment items found in Halo 3. Of course, there are no equipment items in Halo 2, so Sarge and the gang have to improvise. Click play now. Otherwise you'll never learn why Simmons always takes the stairs.

Update: It's Simmons who takes the stairs. For confusing Simmons with Grif, Sarge made us test out the "Jumping Off a Cliff" equipment. It works like you think it would.

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