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Resto PvP Druid FTW!

Dan O'Halloran

Mookysolo of the Ner'zhul server has written a PVP guide for Restoration druids. And by "guide" I mean eight enormous posts that take up almost an entire forum page.

In that marathon listing, you'll find the three best pieces of equipment per slot, recommended enchants, jewels by color, different talent builds, recommended strategies, theorycraft, mathcraft and a FAQ. To say that it's thorough would be an understatement. He also provides two movies of his PvP exploits for your enjoyment.

For another perspective on the same subject, be sure to check out another Resto PvP Guide on the European forums. Many interesting strategies listed and more movies at the end of that post.

EDIT: I've rewritten the tone of the post to reflect the lack of surprise on behalf of PvP players of the dominance of Resto Druids. Clearly I don't PvP, but my intent here was to pass on an excellent guide I came across. I've altered the tone of the post to be more informational and in the future, I'll put my reaction in context.

That being said, I'm always impressed when players manage to excel with a "gimped" spec. I'll see if I can find such a case for PvP and post it for you guys.

Thanks for the feedback..

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