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Unreal Tournament 3 may possibly have more maps, thanks to Blu-ray

Nick Doerr

Much like how George Bluth Sr. was having a love affair with his ice cream sandwich, Mark Rein of Epic Games has admitted his feelings toward the new Blu-ray format. Don't worry, his feelings are positive and returned in full. Speaking about Unreal Tournament 3, Mark Rein talked of the advantage the PS3 version may have over the 360: "we may have fewer maps on the 360 version...Blu-Ray has definitely given us a lot of legroom." Boo-yah, Blu-ray!

Rein wasn't quite finished there, however. He even thought ahead to Unreal Tournament 4, saying "If you think down the road, well maybe the next UT beyond this one, on Blu-ray disc, we might fill the whole damn disc with all the cool stuff the mod makers make." We'd be very excited to see that, really! So there's even more proof that not only is Blu-ray a handy asset, but it'll give us all more stuff down the line.

[Update: Changed title to more accurately reflect content.]

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