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Axonix's MediaMax HD plays any format you want... for a price


Media centers are all the rage of late, and for those of you hemming and hawing over an HD DVD / Blu-ray decision, the MediaMax HD could make your choice a little easier... or harder. The two-part media center consists of the MediaServer unit, plus the MediaDeck 4 HD set-top box, and allows you to store any DVD-standard to disk and then distribute it to whatever room in the house you choose (provided that room has a MediaDeck 4 connected). The system uses its own proprietary interface to navigate through your collection, and can stream different movies to multiple rooms in the network. The MediaDeck 4 HD features HDMI, DVI-I, VGA, S-Video, and component video outs; optical and S/PDIF digital audio outs, plus up to 8-channels of analog audio. Axonix, the company which makes the systems, appears to offer two separate players for HD DVD and Blu-ray, though you would think for this money they would combine the two formats, but that doesn't appear to be the case. If you're still interested, the MediaServer comes in a variety of configurations starting at a bank-breaking $5,795, while the MediaDeck 4 HD varies from $3,495 to $5,995, and they're all available now.

[Via Cedia News]

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