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Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1; 72% of PS3 owners own Blu-ray movie


It's clear that the next-gen movie format wars are shifting towards a victor. New data from Home Media Research shows that Blu-ray is gaining significant momentum, selling twice as many discs in the first half of this year than HD DVD. Sales of Blu-ray disc movies totaled 1.6 million units, compared with 795,000 HD DVD discs. Over the course of both formats' lifetimes, Blu-ray has about a 1 million unit advantage.

Could PS3 be the reason for such a significant boom in Blu-ray sales? Quite possibly. Dave Karraker offered GameDaily BIZ some statistics from their internal survey data:
  • The average survey respondent owns 4.5 Blu-ray movies and 119 DVDs.
  • 72% of respondents purchased at least 1 Blu-ray movie since acquiring a PS3.
  • 87% of respondents intend to purchase at least one Blu-ray movie in the next 12 months.
It was a high-risk gamble, but it appears that Sony's inclusion of Blu-ray is finally helping its intentions to have a dominant media format in the market.

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