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Brace yourself: Ziff Davis is $390 million in debt


Publisher Ziff Davis has been in trouble for a while, and now we know how bad. The publisher skipped an interest payment and is entering into negotiations regarding its $390 million debt. Ziff Davis says they are still operationally "in very good shape," but they still have debt left over from when the company "was a very different scale." The company used to employ 1,200 people, it is now down to 290 and among its many websites (including 1UP), it only has three magazines left: PC Magazine, EGM and Games for Windows. During the attempted sales of its games division it became clear buyers wanted 1UP, but had no interest in the declining magazines.

Death in the video game magazine business seems inevitable, unless you're bundled with a mega gaming retail chain's discount card. Although this shouldn't be taken as a sign that EGM and your other Ziff publication's are finished. There's obviously a reason these magazines have survived while the others died off.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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